Canada Is One Of The Most Multicultural Countries In The World

Canada is the home of people from all around the globe, and that is the reason for it’s vastly rich culture. The welcoming environment Canada provides, as well is it’s well estabilhed economy makes it one of the most sought out countries for people looking for new experiences outside of their home countries.

We at 1worldeducations are proud to be a part of the lives of so many people who were able to fulfill their dream of moving to Canada, and you could be next!

There More Than 80 Ways of Immigrating

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Latest programs and updates
From the moment you arrive at the airport, train station or ferry terminal your work is done. Just check in and board and we take care of everything from there.


Find out your options to move to Canada for work and how to obtain a work permit.

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Express Entry

Fast Track your application to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry program

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Federal Skilled Worker

Gain valuable Canadian work experience through skilled worker programs

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Provincial Nominee Program

Learn more about how Provincial Nomination works and how to qualify.

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Canadian Permanent Residency

Canada is one of the best places to work, study and settle down. Find out how you can move to Canada as a Permanent Resident

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Family Sponsorship

Learn more about sponsoring your family to immigrate to Canada.

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Quebec Immigration

From learning French to finding work in Quebec, learn more about your options to immigrate to Quebec.

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Humanitarian Grounds

Canada is proud to stand up for human rights of people across the world. Learn more on immigrating to Canada on humanitarian grounds

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Moving from US

Plan your move to Canada from the US with unique programs to help you settle in Canada.

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Appeals Against Refusal

Get advice from experienced attorneys in all areas related to Canadian Immigration Law.

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Business & Investor

Canada is one of the best places for start up's and entrepreneurs. Learn more about invest in Canada.

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